Weddings at Hollis Gardens

by Wedding Photographer Misty Miotto

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  This website was created by Wedding Photographer Misty Miotto.  Hollis Gardens is one of  her favorite places to photograph weddings in Florida.  Browse several of her wedding and engagemet Hollis Garden Images on the gallery page.  Note:  This website is not the official Hollis Gardens website it is just a tribute to this beautiful magical place and all the people that contribute to protecting caring and maintaining it so that it remains a special place for all to enjoy. 

The very first time I visited Hollis Gardens I was stricken by its beauty.  I was amazed at the work that had gone into it and the generosity of the family (Mr. Clayton Hollis) who donated the garden to the city so that all of it's residents could enjoy this Colorful  Oasis in the middle of Lakeland.  To add to the natural beauty of this exotic garden is the echos of laughter and joy as families stroll throughout the park making memories and enjoying their loved ones and sometimes you may even catch the very first kiss from one of the many couples whom have choosen this romantic sanctuary to be the place where they have confessed their love publicly becoming husband and wife.

* Find out more about Hollis Gardens including contact information and hours of operation on the about page.
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